Music Scholarships

The Pathway

Music Scholars will have their expectations and a Scholars’ Programme determined and reviewed by the Director of Music. A Music Scholar at Stonyhurst is a pupil who places music first among equals in their interests: they will not necessarily spend every waking moment practicing, rehearsing, composing, or performing, but it will be a significant part of their life in the school. The Music Scholars have the opportunity to hear professional performances, give recitals outside the school, lead ensembles and work closely with the instrumental and vocal music staff on refining their craft.

Expectations of Music Scholars

All Music Scholars will be expected to attend talks and performances arranged for them, and to attend trips to concerts, operas, or other occasions as directed by the Director of Music. Music Scholars will commit to the development of their personal musicianship by adhering to expectations regarding music lessons and practice, as well as membership of the appropriate choirs/groups/ensembles, and performances. They will be entered into appropriate competitions and generally seek to contribute to the musical and cultural life of the College. In Higher Line, Music Scholars may be expected to take up mentoring or other leadership/support roles, as directed by the Director of Music.

All pupils who hold scholarships will be expected to participate enthusiastically in, as well as promote the academic and cultural life of Stonyhurst College or Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall. The progress of all scholars, as well as their conduct, must remain satisfactory at all times. In the College, all scholars will be expected to attend regular, appropriate enrichment classes arranged by the Master of Scholars. These will include regular speakers and workshops. Additionally, older scholars will mentor younger scholars. 

The continuation of a scholarship into the next academic year depends on the scholar fulfilling those requirements. Awards given at 11+ are retained into the College, subject to scholars continuing to meet the criteria above. In practice, we anticipate that most scholars will retain their award throughout their time at Stonyhurst.

Criteria and process for applications 

It is expected that applicants will be working at approximately the following standards on their first study instrument (including voice):

•  11+: Grade 3
•  13+: Grade 5
•  16+: Grade 7

Each application is reviewed individually on its merits and due consideration is given to the contribution the candidate would make to the wider life of Stonyhurst. 

During the assessment day, a candidate offering one instrument should play two contrasting pieces on it. If a candidate is offering two instruments, one piece should be played on each instrument. In addition to the audition, there will be a sight-reading test, aural test, a short theory test, an interview with the Headmaster as well as an informal interview with the music panel.


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Important deadlines

Scholarship dates for academic year 2023/24 will be available shortly.


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