Sports Scholarships

Expectations & Pathways of Sports Scholars


Stonyhurst Sports Scholars will be provided with a personalised, sport-specific programme of individual mentoring, along with additional technical coaching and support that may be relevant as they progress.

There will also be regular guidance on strength and conditioning, as well as physical and mental preparation from both a training and competition perspective as part of the programme of wider development. Higher-level pathway opportunities, such as coaching, are also supported on an individual basis.

Under the direction of the Assistant Head (Co-Curricular) and Headmaster of St Mary’s Hall, all pupils who hold scholarships will be expected to participate in and promote the cultural life of Stonyhurst College or Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall. We expect our Sports Scholars in particular to model sporting values of teamwork, fair play, respect, excellence, positivity, humility and commitment. They will demonstrate selfless dedication to team performances in sports fixtures and will work with the Sports Scholars’ Mentor on individualised programmes for their development.

In the College, all scholars will be expected to attend regular, appropriate enrichment classes arranged by the Master of Scholars, which include guest speakers and workshops. And in Higher Line (Sixth Form), Sports Scholars will be willing to take on mentoring or other leadership roles when sought, including mentoring younger scholars.


The progress and conduct of all scholars must remain satisfactory at all times, and continuation of the scholarship into the next academic year depends on the scholar fulfilling the requirements that are expected of them.

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Criteria and process for Sports Scholarships applications

These awards by nature are to be made to candidates who demonstrate significant skill and a very high level of proficiency and prowess in at least one of our major sports, with preference given to those who can contribute to the College’s major games: rugby and cricket for boys, and hockey and netball for girls. Candidates may also be assessed specifically in tennis.

Applicants should have played their respective sport at an academy, regional or national level. Younger applicants at 11+ will need to demonstrate this level of potential, alongside evidence of current excellence. Each application is reviewed individually on its merits and due consideration is given to the contribution the candidate would make to the wider life of Stonyhurst.

To apply, candidates should provide a written reference from their current Head along with a sporting CV, providing clear evidence of sporting achievements and two references from professionals who have coached the candidate through clubs and, where applicable, any supporting video evidence. The interview process also includes practical assessments.

Awards given at 11+ are retained into the College, subject to scholars continuing to meet the criteria above. In practice, we anticipate that most scholars will retain their award throughout their time at Stonyhurst.

Important dates for 2025/26 applications


Application deadline Sunday 6th October 2024
Scholarship Week (11+, 13+ & 16+) w/c 11th November 2024
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