25 Years of Full Co-Education

Throughout the academic year of 2019-2024, Stonyhurst celebrated 25 years of full co-education. Although Stonyhurst has been educating female pupils for some 50 years, it was in September 1999 that Stonyhurst opened its doors and admitted girls of all ages on the same terms as boys. Stonyhurst celebrated the milestone anniversary by honouring the contributions and achievements that young women made, and continue to make, in our commitment to academic, artistic, and athletic excellence.

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Co-Ed Ambassadors

During the anniversary year, a series of events and initiatives took place aimed at inspiring Stonyhurst's current girls. Alumnae of Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall and Stonyhurst College visited current pupils and spoke about their time at Stonyhurst and what they experienced and achieved since. Around 20 alumnae, each of whom has gone on to achieve amazing things, were appointed ‘Anniversary Ambassadors’. These Ambassadors took on a mentoring role: offering careers or university guidance in their respective fields, providing work experience placements and visiting the College to give talks to current pupils.


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Sisters' Walk

Perhaps one of the most significant landmarks, which remains in our former pupils’ minds, is Brothers’ Walk. This path, although simple, is an important feature that links the College to St Mary’s Hall. Many pupils, past and present have walked, and continue to walk along it, to lessons, Games and to take that leap from the Prep School to the College. During our anniversary year, we turned our attention to the path that runs parallel to Brothers’ Walk as we renamed it from ‘Sports Hall Walk’ to ‘Sisters’ Walk’.

As we celebrated 24 years of full co-education, it seemed fitting that we have both a 'Brothers' Walk' and a 'Sisters' Walk', both paths link St Mary's Hall and the College and we look forward to seeing the generations of St Mary’s Hall and Stonyhurst College pupils who will walk down this path, numerous times during their school career, as they progress to be all that they can be.



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