Lara OS 12

About Lara

Two years at Stonyhurst changed my life. I came to the school with a clear desire to expand my skills in the arts, but got much more out of my time at this school than I was expecting.

In addition to a full schedule I was elected head of the line in my second year and still managed to be part of five theatre productions in this short period of time. One of them was the part of Maria in The Sound Of Music. Thanks to our drama teacher Miss Egar, I was also able to start preparing myself for auditions for drama schools and I passed a number of dance and singing exams, which could facilitate an entry into the artistic career.

After leaving the school in 2012, I fulfilled my dream of studying singing, dance and acting. As a scholarship holder I attended Stage School Hamburg for three years and completed my training with distinction. Additionally I was awarded a scholarship to expand my skills in New York through the 1-year Conservative Musical Theatre Program of the New York Film Academy.

A career on stage is in principle a challenge and I am glad that Stonyhurst encourages and supports young women when it comes to the choice of their profession and their individual future. Today I work  at various theatres all over Germany and since there is a lot of competition in my field, I am happy to be able to refer again and again to the principles I learned in Stonyhurst: tradition, kindness and gratitude.

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