Laura OS 12

About Laura

Although brief, the eighteen-month period I spent at Stonyhurst has given me some of the fondest memories in my life so far. I can never forget the hysterically giggly hours shared with my friends in our dorm, or the leisurely post-meal walks around Hurst Green, or the warm and familial staff members who ensured that Stonyhurst still felt like home even after all my friends had left (I stayed behind to complete my Licentiate examination after A-Levels).

For someone whose life revolves so heavily around music, however, it perhaps comes as no surprise to hear that many of the best moments from Stonyhurst are music-related: the vivacious piano and organ lessons with the then College Organist, Dr Morgan; rehearsing with the Schola Cantorum in the Top Ref; long weekend practices at the Steinway; and performing at the Headmaster’s Concerts, to name a few.

At Stonyhurst, I learnt that music-making was more than drilling and getting the right notes: logical and critical thinking; pragmatism; eloquent writing; public speaking – these are only some of the many life lessons that I gained from my time as a student at the College, for which I largely have Dr Morgan to thank.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have benefitted from a Stonyhurst education which has given me a wealth of opportunities, supported me with excellent facilities and staff members, and most importantly, a mentor for life.

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