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About Teresa

My first visit to Stonyhurst College was on the Open Day in 2001 with my parents. I still remember driving down the Avenue from St. Mary’s statue to the front gates. I was absolutely impressed by the upcoming building and the entire scenery. When I returned a boarder for Poetry one year later, in 2002, I was first shocked because I was assigned a single room while I had been expecting a shared accommodation and I was afraid of the foreign language and of perhaps not being able to connect with the other girls quickly enough, so I asked for a double room instead and fortunately, rooms were redistributed so that I was then sharing a room with Mandi, a girl from Zimbabwe, who not only spoke English as a first language, but was also new to the college just like me, which helped me a lot settling in.

The Girls’ House was situated in the old infirmary by then and there were around 20 girls and more than 100 boys in Higher Line.

I chose Classics, but whilst nearly all Germans in Stonyhurst took Latin, I was the only German in the Greek class, which only had four pupils at all. That was really new to me, as there were nearly no classes with less than 20 pupils in my German school at home. In my biology class in Stonyhurst, we did one term on Genetics and in the next, we had the possibility to dissect a heart and lungs, which definitely fascinated me and encouraged me to study medicine later.

The motto AMDG was lived throughout the college and I believe the mixture of academic, spiritual and social life in Stonyhurst is its greatest strength.

I am still in touch with friends I made in Stonyhurst and I am very grateful I had the opportunity to study there.

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