Events & Speakers | Posted 09.02.2017

Are we safe post Brexit?

On the evening of Thursday February 8th 2017 the Senior Essay Society, in conjunction with the Politics Society and P.A.S.T, welcomed Dr Alistair Shepherd of Aberystwyth University to address a very large audience on the topic of the security implication of Brexit.  Dr Shepherd spoke extremely eloquently on the issues surrounding N.A.T.O, the United States and Russia.  He analysed all the factors linked to the imminent withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.  He argued that intelligence and nuclear weapons were two crucial areas that could be affected by the UK’s decision to leave the E.U.   Ireland, Scotland and Eastern Europe were all mentioned as places where the Brexit decision could have adverse ramifications.  This was a brilliant presentation and was followed by a very lively Q & A session.  We are most grateful to Dr Shepherd for his visit.