Interline Competitions | Posted 03.10.2017

This year’s Interline Competition has started with the Business Quiz. There was a fantastic turn out of teams and all pupils involved were praised highly by Mrs K. Wright for their team work and knowledge.

Pupils worked in mixed teams with a representative from each year group testing their knowledge of current politicians, the economic market, current affairs and identifying logos.

After a tense battle of rounds, Shireburn managed to hold their lead and win with a tie breaker with the results as follows:

  • Shireburn: 42 points
  • Weld: 41 points
  • Omers: 39 points
  • Campion: 30 points

This starts the year with Shireburn top of the leader board, but with many events to follow. Next is Dance Choreography on 11th October and Boys Swimming on the 12th October.


  • 1st – Shireburn (5)
  • 2nd – Weld (3)
  • 3rd – Omers (2)
  • 4th – Campion (1)