Stonyhurst College News | Posted 14.11.2017

On the evening of the 8th of November, Mr. David Knight (College Archivist) presented a brilliantly illustrated talk on the world-famous OS George Eyston to a very interested audience in the packed Bayley Room. Not only did Mr. Knight´s talk coincide perfectly with the engineering week, as he explained the construction of Eyston´s record breaking vehicles in great detail, but it did also show us as students at Stonyhurst College the perfect role model. Eyston was a man, who managed to achieve the land speed record two times as well as winning a lot of supporters, because of his brilliant driving and engineering skills. However, most importantly, he remained a humble gentleman and a good man throughout his whole life. We are grateful to Mr. Knight for taking the time to address the Senior Essay Society and PAST on such a fascinating character and topic.