SMH | Posted 25.01.2017

Children for Children

Children for Children


On Tuesday we were delighted to welcome Mr Dexter Findley to Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, a colleague of Edmund Page OS who established the Xavier Project (supporting education for refugee children in Uganda and Kenya).

Dexter came to launch a new initiative for parents. After chatting to parents over coffee, he gave a short presentation which included a video message from Edmund about “Open doors”. This invites parents and other groups through the Xavier Project to:

“provide sponsorship to the most promising students to ensure that they can fulfil their potential and work towards better futures. For £250 a month the five students will be supported with school fees, school meals, school trips scholastic materials and uniforms. They will also have access to additional learning support through the physical library attached to the Xavier Project office, summer camps and online learning assessments.

Whether there are five or 25 of you sponsoring the house you will all be making an invaluable contribution to improve the rights and protection of these young refugees. In return you will receive regular updates on the progress of your house, and you can name the house after your group.”

A small group of St Mary’s Hall pupils from Figures have a regular weekly skype chat with children who attend the XP centre in Kampala. Past fundraising at the Whole School Mission and from the Rudiments (Year 8) Fair has enabled the centre to purchase books for their library as well as computers.

Parents from St Mary’s Hall playrooms (year groups) are already responding to the invitation to sponsor a house or houses and we are excited to see how this will develop over the coming weeks.

For more information about the Xavier Project go to