Clubs & Societies | Posted 05.05.2016

Climbing challenge

Climbing challenge

Pupils enjoyed their first outdoor rock climbing lesson this week, at Troy Quarry, near Haslingden. Climbing is a new games option, led by Mrs Shelley (Head of Chemistry and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Manager.) The group will visit lots of different local venues over the coming weeks, and the climbs will get progressively higher!

The group has been learning to climb indoors for several months, and this was their first venture in the great outdoors. The weather could not have been better, as they climbed rock-faces of up to 12 metres high. Over the coming weeks, they will climb at Witches’ Quarry, Downham (in the shadow of Pendle Hill), Wilton Quarry, Bolton (up to 20 metres high) and Cadshaw Rocks – natural gritstone, which will present them with new challenges.

From here, the possibilities are endless, with the limestone rock-faces of the Yorkshire Dales just 45 minutes away.

“Everyone climbed with confidence and the weather could not have been better.” said Mrs Shelley. “Climbing is 3D problem solving, completely addictive and an excellent activity to challenge young people physically and mentally. I look forward to many adventures ahead!”