• Jesuit recipe!
Giving & Development | Posted 15.05.2016

The final Curator Evening of this academic year took place on Thursday 12th May at Stonyhurst St. Mary’s Hall.  Jan Graffius talked about the roles of the ‘Lady of the House’ at Stonyhurst before it was a school; in her fascinating presentation, Jan outlined the responsibilities of making cosmetics, remedies and recipes, as well as how food has played a major part in shaping Stonyhurst into the school it is today.

Jan showed the original books containing these instructions from our archives and shared some of the common and more exotic recipes with the guests, explaining the wider context of how these were made, stored and used.

The ‘Menchikoff’ is a dessert that was the favourite delicacy of Catherine the Great and the recipe, invented by her Jesuit chef, had remained a secret until very recently.  Yvonne Herrick from the Development Office made two of these delicious cakes for our guests which were enjoyed wholeheartedly.

The proceeds from this event will go towards the Stonyhurst Collections, in particular, the Stations of the Cross painted by Cedric Charleuf using some Victorian Gothic frames which were originally in the Boys’ Chapel.