Stonyhurst Association | Posted 27.11.2014

The Headmaster’s Delegate and former Headmaster of St Mary’s Hall,Mr Larry Crouch; the Development Director, Mrs Rachel Hindle; and the Director of Admissions, Mrs Ruth Hughes, were delighted to join OS, parents and prospective parents at a reception in Madrid on Saturday 22nd November 2014. at Club Real Gran Peňa.  It was wonderful to re-engage with alumni and there was a tremendous sense of warmth and family throughout the whole Stonyhurst community present.  Everyone enjoyed Larry’ Crouch’s speech about the latest developments at the SMH and the College, as well as the Development Office’s outline plans for further improvements in the future. Our thanks go to all those who generously supported us in arranging and contributing to the visit in a number of ways, in particular Gonzalo de Lacalle who arranged the fantastic venue.  We are also delighted to welcome our newest members of “Stonyhurst in Madrid” – it was a great pleasure to meet you all.