Chaplaincy & Services | Posted 02.02.2019

Many will go through life without ever witnessing the very special rite which is Ordination, but not the current College pupils, all of whom were delighted to attend the ordination of Br Max Koch SJ as a Deacon in St Peter’s Church on Thursday 24th January.  Br Max is a Jesuit from the Province of Argentina-Uruguay, and he was ordained by Bishop John Arnold to the Transitional Diaconate, meaning that this was Max’s first step towards being ordained Priest in about six months’ time.  Max, who is in fact a qualified lawyer, also taught for a while at the Colegio Seminario in Uruguay, so his ordination here was deliberately timed to coincide with the visit of their students and staff, and their Rector, Fr Marcelo Coppetti SJ.  It was a truly joyous occasion and, to quote a Syntaxian, “probably the most moving Mass I have ever been to”.

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