Music & Arts | Posted 08.01.2015

Elements Playroom (years 5 and 6) at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall gave two performances of the pantomime ‘Rumpled Beauty’. The story focused on the poor orphan Rumpled Beauty who was sent to live with her mean (and not very good looking!) cousins who treated her very badly by forcing her to do hours of housework and sleep on a kitchen floor. Many popular fairy tale characters, including Dan Deeney, a grumpy king and a genie in a milk bottle, assisted Rumpled Beauty to live happily ever after.

All Elements pupils played a substantial role in the production and their hard was evident in each performance; everyone enjoyed their excellent singing, dancing and acting. Many poems, jokes and songs helped excite the performers and created a magical energy in the Centenaries Theatre.

‘Rumpled Beauty’ was directed by drama teacher Miss K Hodkinson and stage managed by Mr SP Flanagan, assisted by all Elements playroom staff.

Rehearsals are now underway for the next drama performance at SMH– An Evening of Shakespeare on Thursday March 26th in the Centenaries Theatre at 18.30, given by Figures and Rudiments Playrooms (years 7 and 8).