Trips & Visits | Posted 15.09.2014

Evacuee Experience

All of Elements playroom (years 5 and 6) went to the East Lancashire Railway in Bury to participate in The Evacuee Experience. They were accompanied by their class teachers, who all wore elegant 1940s clothes for the day. This was an excellent start to Elements’ topic for the first half of term, which involves finding out what life was like for a child who lived through World War II. The children were greeted by a billeting officer and enjoyed a wide range of hands-on activities during the morning; these included handling artefacts from the period and finding out about wartime money, air raid shelters and wardens, gas masks, clothing and household objects. Perhaps the highlight of the day was the steam train ride from Bury to Rawtenstall, during which the children ate their packed lunch. On arrival at the station a billeting officer allocated the children to various local people (volunteers dressed in role as the doctor, bank manager, postmistress etc.), and told them about the work that evacuees were expected to do and the living conditions they might have had. The children gained a wealth of knowledge from the day which will be very useful in the lessons to come.