Academic | Posted 11.03.2015

The Extended Project Qualification provides an opportunity for students to exercise their abilities beyond the scope of A Level studies and to develop skills for university. More and more universities are welcoming the EPQ as an indicator of realised skills and potential ability in the fiercely competitive arena of entrant selection.

The EPQ allows students to explore a specialised subject of their choice in detail, which is often connected with the students’ preferred university or career aspirations, giving them the confidence to work independently and creatively.  The students presenting had researched topics ranging from the Impact of Globalisation on Income Inequality to Life in the Modern Military. There was also a presentation on the process of staging a fashion show, which was held earlier this year.

All project students are required to produce a written report, a log book and a presentation  to supply evidence for assessment. The presentation, which is the final stage, celebrates the achievement of the students in completing their EPQ and enables them to share their findings with other students, teachers and guests.