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Whether you aim to progress and achieve through exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern, or you simply want to have fun and take part in Lyrical Jazz, Street Dance, Cheerleading or DDMIX, Stonyhurst Dance Academy offers lessons for everyone from three years old to adult.

The dance department at Stonyhurst, offers a range of classes which include the genres of: Ballet (RAD), Tap (ISTD), Modern (ISTD), Lyrical  Jazz, Street Dance, DDMIX, Cheerleading and Arts Award (Trinity College – London). These lessons are available for children as young as 3 years up to adults

The department is led by an experienced team of dance instructors who will nurture and coach the development of each individual according to the needs and ability of the student dancer. Each year the Dance Department offer a number of opportunities for students to showcase their progression through the productions and concerts that we offer throughout the year, giving everyone an opportunity to participate and develop their confidence and explore creativity.

The Dance Academy also fundraise for charities including Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) and the Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Trust (SCHT) which has in previous years involved the sale of images from the Stonyhurst Ballerina Project, a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photograph, and many other exciting ventures, from craft sales to a sponsored boys ballet class.