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Retreats play a vital role in the contemplation and reflection which is such an important element of our Jesuit faith.

The retreat programme is an established part of College life and all pupils and teaching staff have had their own designated retreat day while the Stonyhurst Easter Retreat attracts, current and former pupils and parents, as well as friends of the Stonyhurst.

Our Holy Week Retreat, held at the College, provides full board accommodation from Maundy Thursday afternoon, through to Easter Sunday morning, making it possible for entire families, including babies less than 12 months old, to participate throughout the weekend. It is an excellent opportunity for the whole family to meet and share their faith with relatives.

For many people the retreat provides both a holiday and a valuable Holy Week experience. There is the sense of doing something very spiritual, whilst also enjoying a relaxing few days.

If you would like more information please call 01254 827014 or email