Dance | Posted 08.05.2014



A fabulous production of the musical ‘Fame’ brought a blast of the 1980s to Stonyhurst this week. An excellent cast sang, danced and acted with huge energy and skill, brilliantly recreating the class of ’84 from New York’s School of Performing Arts.

In a strong ensemble there were some outstanding individual performances. Milly Bolton’s incredible voice, as she played the lovesick Serena Katz, was powerfully soulful; Mary Flanagan was a formidable Miss Sherman, extolling the virtues of Hard Work and singing These are my children (a hymn to teaching) with great force and feeling; Peter MacAlpine’s wisecracking comedian, Joe Vegas (in pursuit of the beautiful Carmen, played by Alice Halpin) was hilarious. And the struggling rap artist Tyrone (Forsythe Olafioye), forced into a leotard very much against his will as he got to grips with classical ballet, complemented the graceful dancing of Iris (Messalina Morley) extremely well.

A huge neon Fame sign (made by George Ainscough) flickered over the stage throughout, as if to remind them of their goal. And a NYC yellow taxi cruised onto the stage at the end, carrying the tragic Carmen as the cast sang Bring on Tomorrow.

Director: Laura Dixon

Assistant Director: Rhianna Hughes (Rhetoric)

Musical Directors: Greg Mann; Mags Allanson

Choreography: Feiyon Johnson, Anna Southward, Jess Zausmer, Melissa Horton and Hannah Osthus (Rhetoric)

Conceived and Developed by David De Silva

By arrangement with Joseph Weinberger Ltd