• Isabelle and Holly
Events & Speakers | Posted 19.01.2015

A fashion show with a difference took place in the Academy Room on Saturday January 17th, organised by Holly Mitchell and Isabelle Coulston (both in Rhetoric). Holly, who wants to study Design, and Isabelle, who is interested in Marketing, chose to stage the event for their Extended Project Qualification.

The fashion show was attended by over 70 Higher Line pupils and involved many more. Holly and Isabelle had wanted the show to have a relaxed, party atmosphere which also involved the talents of their peers: “Instead of a generic fashion show, we wanted to do something a bit more creative and exciting” said Isabelle, “so we decided to invite our fellow Higher Line pupils to design all the clothing, as well as model them. The event really showed off the diverse talents that we have in the College. Also, to make the event more interactive we used podiums dotted around the room so the models had to walk to each one, moving through the audience.”

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening and had a lot of fun. Holly said: “The event went just as we had hoped it would! We could not have done it without the help and guidance of Miss Ahearne (the Domestic Bursar) and her staff, the lights and sound team, DT and everyone else who contributed to, and attended, the event. Thank you to all!”

Isabelle added: “Personally, as I near the end of my time at Stonyhurst, the event once again highlighted the great facilities, people and support that we have here. Enabling us to put on such professional and slick events provides a fantastic platform for us as we move on.”