Trips & Visits | Posted 06.10.2014

As part of our work about food, PP1 and PP2 went on an exciting Field to Store adventure. We met Farmer Peter on his farm near Hesketh Bank and saw some of the amazing produce he grows and the machinery he uses.  We then went out into the field and saw cauliflowers  being cut and were able to choose our own to take home! Our next stop was the potato field where Farmer Peter let the children dig for their own potatoes – we had lots of fun here!

PP1 also visited Gazegill Organic Farm, where Farmer Ian took us to see the pigs. We learnt that, as well as meat, we also get the finest paintbrushes made from their bristles!  We saw calves and turkeys in the barn and had a tour of the milking parlour.  We then took a tractor ride out into the field where we passed the hens and saw the sheep and cows.  We learnt lots on our afternoon out and came home with a bottle of gorgeous organic milk each.

We followed our farm visits with a trip to a supermarket, where we saw where the produce arrives, how it is unpacked and how it is stored. We even went into the chilled fruit and veg store!  We went upstairs and could see the whole supermarket spread out below us and visited Pat in the office who talked us through ordering stock.  Once on the shop floor, we saw some of Farmer Peter’s cauliflowers and potatoes for sale. (Arthur stood proudly by the photograph of his great, great, great grandfather at lunch!)

We had such a magical day and it was great for the children to see the vegetables progress from field to store – from being planted to being sold. Everyone enjoyed romanian cauliflower for lunch in school the following day!

A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Booth, and Mr Chris Treble for all of their help in organising such a great day; to Farmer Peter and Farmer Ian for looking after us so well, and to manager Pete for making us feel so welcome in the supermarket.