Chaplaincy & Services | Posted 10.12.2018

On Thursday, six Elements (year 6) pupils took part in the Educate Magis Global Christmas Prayer Link.

Educate Magis is an on line platform that links the 800 plus Jesuit schools around the world. SMH connected via video conferencing with the following high schools:

  • Coláiste Iognáid (Galway, Ireland)
  • Kostka Jesuit Public High School (Krakow, Poland)
  • St. Xavier’s School (Godavari, Nepal)

Our Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall pupils were the youngest participants! It was the morning for three of the schools but the afternoon in Nepal.

Each school shared how they had shown or had experienced generosity. The Irish pupils welcome disabled children regularly for swimming and pair up with a child. The Polish pupils remembered a kind and generous adult friend of the school who had visited them to learn Polish but who had died a year ago. The Nepali pupils recalled the generous donations from their school to help a child who was seriously ill following a mosquito bite in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake. The child needed urgent medical care and has now recovered. Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall pupils spoke of our appeal for warm winter clothing for the homeless and vulnerable, and of our links with the Xavier Project in Uganda.

We heard that there are 123 languages in Nepal. The students from Galway sang Jingle bells in Irish and SMH responded with “children of the light”. The Polish pupils were celebrating St Nicholas day as it was the 6th December and all the schools took turns to send Christmas wishes and messages of joy and hope to each other.

We were grateful to Ciara Beuster from Educate Magis for coordinating this from her base in Ireland and look forward to similar experiences with other Jesuit schools in 2019.