• Chairman of Governors, Mr John Cowdall
  • The Headmaster
  • Head of the Line, Alex Duckworth
  • Head of the Line, Joshua Katz
  • Stonyhurst Association Champagne Reception
Events & Speakers | Posted 01.06.2016

Great Academies 2016

Great Academies 2016

In his Great Academies speech, the Headmaster, Andrew Johnson celebrated the achievements of the past year, including the best ever exam results, a host of sporting victories and successful arts’ performances, and many co-curricular opportunities. He said: “Stonyhurst aspires to be a place where people are believed in; where natural talents and creative abilities are recognised and celebrated; where each of us finds the challenge, encouragement and support to reach our fullest individual potential for excellence; where we work together with enthusiasm and generosity, attempting to model concretely in word and action the ideals we uphold.”

The Chairman of Governors, John Cowdall then paid tribute to Mr Johnson, who leaves Stonyhurst after 10 years to become Headmaster of St Benedict’s School, Ealing. Mr Cowdall spoke of Mr Johnson’s energy, decisiveness and compassion, and outlined the achievements and developments at Stonyhurst over the last decade. These include the building of a new boarding house, a new refectory and the successful introduction of the International Baccalaureate, which is taught alongside A levels.

The Head Boy and Head Girl, Joshua Katz and Alex Duckworth, also gave speeches, in which they thanked staff and parents for their teaching and support, and remembered key events and milestones over their years at the school.

Prize Giving was preceded by the Mass of Great Academies and Rhetoric Leavers’ Mass in St Peter’s Church, at which the Principal Celebrant was Fr Nick King SJ.

Headmaster’s Great Academies Speech 2016