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Head of Department – Design Technology

Mr David Eachus Head of Department BTech (Hons)
Mr David Eachus Head of Department BTech (Hons)

Mr Eachus, who is also the Grammar Playroom Master, trained at Brunel University and followed a course of study in Industrial Design.

He believes that while the mechanisms to deliver and engage in the subject constantly evolve, the fundamental principles of good design remain constant: products must work, both functionally and aesthetically with the target market and provide a benefit for the end user, whilst being respectful and mindful of the impact that the product has on the environment.

His greatest pleasure is seeing the confidence in young people develop with the passage of time, together with an increasing passion, awareness and appreciation for the discipline. He says, “It is marvellous when this is rewarded through the pupils’ success and sense of achievement.  In addition, it is wonderful to witness how the pupils can work ever more independently and become young people with the ability to analyse, rationalise and evaluate objectively. These are marvellous life skills and the acquisition of these is a fitting end point for hard workers in DT.”