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Mrs Lowrie Timmins
Joined Stonyhurst in 1998

Mrs Lowrie Timmins, Head of Economics teaches AS, A2 and IB Economics. She previously taught Economics and Business Studies for 12 years in a boys’ independent grammar school. Her specialisms are theory of the firm and game theory. She particularly enjoys game theory in terms of analysing business decision making

Mrs Timmins is extremely experienced in teaching EAL pupils. She uses glossaries and structured, illustrated notes that allow pupils to build up their knowledge over time. The proof of her success in this area is in the excellent value added results achieved by this cohort of pupils.

She is also responsible for the department’s preparation of Oxbridge pupils. She analyses the most up to date Economic reading with these pupils and ensures that they are fully prepared for interview questions.

Mrs Timmins successfully leads the annual Target 2 enrichment activity which involves preparing pupils to enter the Bank of England’s Target 2 competition.