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Miss Karen Mitchell
Joined Stonyhurst 2003

After a period as an English Teacher in Japan following her first degree and PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), Miss Mitchell returned to the UK to complete her CELTA (Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages).

More recently, she has completed a Master of Arts in Education (Linguistics), a Masters in Education (Equality and Diversity) and the DELTA (Diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages) to further develop the EAL department at Stonyhurst, alongside her work as an EAL teacher.

As well as teaching and supporting our EAL pupils, Miss Mitchell’s role has included working in both Lower Line and Higher Line girls houses as an assistant.

Passionate about travel and deepening her understanding of other cultures, Miss Mitchell has visited more than fifty countries helping her to develop deeper empathy with our international pupils at Stonyhurst and better understand how they might feel about studying in a new cultural environment.