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Head of Department – Mathematics

Mr David Rawkins
BSc (Exon)
Joined Stonyhurst in 1985

Mr Rawkins joined Stonyhurst from Worksop College and head of department in 1992.  Since 2000 he has also held the role of Prefect of Studies and is an enthusiastic member of ScholaCantorum.

In the past Mr Rawkins has worked on the Grammar, Syntax and Poetry playroom teams and was deputy head of Poetry.  He ran the association football team for many years and also coached various cricket teams. He was also responsible for writing the College timetable for a number of years, and developed and managed the tutor system until 2000.

Outside Stonyhurst Mr Rawkins has worked extensively for OCR. He has acted as A-level coursework moderator on a number of panels, and was Principal Moderator for Further Mathematics for a number of years. He has also been an assistant examiner on a number of A-level panels. He currently holds two Principal Examiner posts: leading the marking of A-S papers and setting the A2 papers in Pure Mathematics.