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Head of Department – Music

Mr Greg Mann
Joined Stonyhurst 2003

Greg Mann has worked at Stonyhurst since 2003, teaching previously at Silcoates School, Wakefield, and before that, schools in Norfolk, Shropshire and Kent. He teaches all levels of music from year 7 to year 13 and conducts several of the College ensembles.

The favourite part of his job is singing and he loves working with individual singers, the choir and soloists and choruses in the musicals put on here at Stonyhurst. He also enjoys teaching class music and particularly composition, as that is where he feels pupils can be truly creative.

Mr Mann enjoys following pupils’ musical progress over the years, and hearing them perform individually and in ensembles.  His favourite occasions in the year are major feast days like St Omers’ Martyrs, the Passion Service, Great Academies, and the Carol Service, when the whole community sings enthusiastically together.