Trips & Visits | Posted 28.01.2015

Hodder House go on an adventure

Hodder House go on an adventure

PP1 and PP2 went on a walk down to the River Hodder this week. They followed their maps carefully, putting into action skills they had learnt in the classroom.

Once down by the river, a big surprise was in store: they found a message in a bottle with a letter from Pirate Gregory, threatening to come and take over Hodder House! (They also found a couple of pirates, ​fishing, so they made a hasty exit along the bank before they were taken to their ship!)

While looking for other evidence of pirate activity, PP1 and PP2 found some pirate gold, pieces of broken pirate plates and the remains of a campfire from last night’s supper!

It’s now down to PP1 and PP2 to write back to Pirate Gregory and try to save our school. (Next installment to follow shortly…!)