Interline Competitions | Posted 12.02.2015

Interline Chess

Interline Chess

The annual Interline Chess competition on 5th February was a successful evening, with a remarkably high turnout and participants entering from across the College.

In the first round, Campion and Shireburn both emerged as clear champions with two victors in each line; this was particularly owing to the high turnout for Campion and Markiyan Antonyuk securing a point for Shireburn after a match that lasted for 90 minutes (although the match was won on time rather than checkmate!).

The final, a speed-chess game, between Giles Gabbutt (Campion) and George Cowperthwaite (Shireburn) was a closely fought match between well matched opponents; however George Cowperthwaite attained a narrow victory for Shireburn with only 30 seconds left on the clock.

The concluding scores were 3 points for Shireburn, 2 points for Campion and 1 point apiece for Weld and St Omers, leaving them in joint third place.