Interline Competitions | Posted 04.02.2015

Interline Debating Competition

Two controversial topics attracted some excellent debaters, and a packed House, for the first round of the Interline Debating Competition on 2 February.

The first motion –  “This House believes that the ordination of female priests should be permitted in the Catholic Church” – was narrowly defeated by 15 votes to 14. Although the Opposition – Colm Fahy and Will Lamb (Campion) – carried the day in terms of House votes, the Proposers – James Whatham and Giles Gabbutt  (Shireburn) – shone in the anonymous judge’s “quality of speech” criteria, and so Shireburn goes through to the final.

The second motion – “This House believes that it is better to be a woman than a man in 21st-century Britain” – was carried by 13 votes to 10. Again, although the Proposers – Edward Belderbos, Milly Bolton and Alex Duckworth (Weld) – gathered the majority in the House vote, the judge narrowly decided that St Omers  (the Opposition) – Gen Thornton, Michael Diamond and Will Donlon – should go through to the final on the strength of their debating skills.