Interline Competitions | Posted 22.01.2015

Interline results

Cross Country (senior boys) Wednesday March 21st

Over 40 runners took part in this great event, undeterred by snow and ice! The course took them around the cricket flats, through Hurst Green, over the golf course and down through Stockbridge woods. The results are calculated from the average times of the first 8 runners from each line.

Team Results

1st      St  Omers      (average time: 24:15)

2nd     Weld             (26:36)

3rd      Shireburn      (27:44)

4th      Campion        (27:53)

Individual Results

1st      Will Metcalf            20:50 (St Omers)

2nd     Jan Zimoch             21:24 (Campion)

3rd     Louis Decadt           22:19 (Weld)

Interline Swimming   Friday January 16th

1st Shireburn

2nd  Omers

3rd Weld

4th Campion

The next interline event is a chess competition on January 29th.