Stonyhurst Association | Posted 06.08.2014

ITV Interview with Paul Garlington at Stonyhurst

ITV Presenter Paul Crone was at Stonyhurst earlier this evening for a live interview with history teacher Paul Garlington about the role Stonyhurst Officers played in WW1.  The interview, part of a series commemorating the region’s contribution to the war effort in WW1, focused on the Officer Classes and took place in the Top Ref after an introduction outside the building.  Paul discussed a variety of items from our extensive collections, including a copy of the Stonyhurst War Record, helmets, weapons and uniforms, proudly displayed beneath the portraits of our 7 VC holder OS.

Paul explained that the legacy of these brave men lives on in the inspiration that they still give to Stonyhurst students and others, and in the names of our current Stonyhurst CCF platoons.