Music & Arts | Posted 23.05.2016

This summer’s Prep Production was Jungle Book, in which every boy and girl in years 3 and 4 took to the stage of the Centenaries Theatre to give a truly wonderful performance.

As the children acted, sang and danced through Kipling’s classic, it was hard to remember that they were just 7 to 9 years old. Everyone gave their all and performed with huge conviction, energy and, above all, enjoyment. They had clearly had a wonderful time preparing Jungle Book, and the audience was delighted by their colourful and lively performance.

The singing, accompanied by Mr Mann (piano), Mr Marks (guitar) and Mr Lister (percussion), was outstanding, with excellent solos from Mogli, Baloo and Shere Khan.

With thanks to Mrs Murphy-  the producer – and her team, and to all parents who worked so hard, and with such skill, to provide some amazing costumes and makeup.