Events & Speakers | Posted 11.01.2017

Live the American Dream

Live the American Dream

We were delighted to welcome Beatty Smith (OS15) back to Stonyhurst College on Friday 6th January to talk about her decision to go to university in America.   Beatty shared her experience of the American university application process, offering invaluable advice to the pupils who are considering studying abroad.

Beatty attends Notre Dame University, Indiana, and is currently in her second year majoring in Film Studies. Notre Dame is a leading Catholic university in America and the university’s first academic curriculum was modelled after the Jesuit Ratio Studiorum from Saint Louis University.

Accompanying Beatty was Liz Hynes – a third year undergraduate and fellow Film Studies student. In addition, visiting the college was Julian Allaf-Lynch; a first year undergraduate following a liberal arts programme at New York University and currently studying in Florence.

We thank all three of them for giving up their time to come and talk to the pupils and we wish them all well in their studies!