Events & Speakers | Posted 23.11.2016

Mark Thompson OS and current CEO of the New York Times talks about his time at Stonyhurst

In the latest issue of the ‘Live Ribble Valley’, the exclusive interview was with our very own Mark Thompson OS.

As well as being an OS, Mark Thompson is known as the former Director-General of the BBC and current CEO of the New York Times.

Whilst his Manhattan lifestyle might seem worlds away from the rural idyll that is Stonyhurst College, Mr Thompson reflected on the life-lasting impression Stonyhurst has had on him.  Of course, Mr Thompson remarked on the majesty of the place, stating that the great Avenue leading up to Stonyhurst, with its two great ponds and statue of the Virgin Mary, is one of the best avenues in the country!  He even commented that the unrivalled beauty of this area encouraged him to relocate a large part of the BBC to the North.

However, it was the Jesuit education he received at the College, which he is most grateful for.  He writes how his successful journalism and writing career had their foundations in Jesuit teachings.  Most importantly for him, at Stonyhurst he was encouraged to have an inquisitive mind and seize every opportunity to become an independent and confident thinker.  And indeed, the fantastic resources of the College also helped; especially the three historic libraries of the College and its association with the literacy world, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Gerald Manley Hopkins, were certainly one source of inspiration for his desire to go into journalism.  He said, “You read something like Inversnaid and it really brings the texture of that landscape to life.  You’re really lucky to live in that part of the world.  You have a feeling that this is a special, unspoilt place.  It’s amazing.”

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