Music & Arts | Posted 11.02.2015

Music Showcase

Music Showcase

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall musicians gave a concert on Friday February 6th in the Orchestra Room at Stonyhurst College. Parents, staff and friends enjoyed very polished and confident performances from pupils in Elements (years 5 and 6) to Rudiments (year 8). This was the first in a series of regular ‘music showcases’ at SMH to enable our young musicians to gain valuable experience in performance, and to bring our pupils’ breadth of talent to a wider audience.


Florence  – Piano

To a Wild Rose

Saskia  – Violin

March by Mr Handel

Fabian  – Piano

Spider in the Bath

Olivia  – Flute

Puppet on a String

Jemimah  – Piano

Moody Prawn Blues

Rafa  – Violin

William Tell

Lucy  – Flute

Autumn Leaves

Oliver – Piano

Allegro non tanto

Isabella  – Voice

Dalmation Cradle Song

Alex  – Violin


Madelaine  – Clarinet

Der Schottenclan

Joe  – Piano

The Giant’s Coming

Florence  – Voice


Adrienne  – Violin

Petit air varié