Events & Speakers | Posted 08.05.2014

Neuroscience seminar

On Thursday 7th November the Biology Department hosted a very successful BRAIN DAY. Twenty four Poetry and Rhetoric pupils attended a whole day seminar run by Dr Guy Sutton, a neuroscientist and Honorary Special Lecturer at the University of Nottingham Medical school.

He spoke to them on subjects as diverse as ‘Nerve cells and Drug Action’ and ‘The Shattered Mind – a history of mental illness’. Talks were interspersed with hands-on interactive computer sessions, and ‘Comparative Neuroanatomy’ – a look at brain anatomy across species accompanied by dissection of a sheep’s brain.

The photograph show the pupils enjoying the dissection session and the comments below illustrate how valuable they found the day:

“What was most noticeable was Dr Guy Sutton’s passion for neuroscience and it made us excited to learn more.”

“The BRAIN DAY was amazing – I learnt so much and it was great to be introduced to new topics and state of the art research.”

“A truly inspiring day given by a very enthusiastic and extremely well informed man.”

As Head of Biology, Dr Warner, commented –

“This was a most worthwhile day and a fantastic addition to the suite of enrichment activities we already offer to our Higher Line pupils.”