Trips & Visits | Posted 04.02.2019

After an amazing fortnight the visit of our friends from Colegio Seminario in Montevideo, Uruguay came to an end.  We bade them a very fond farewell and we look forward to our next encounter with this wonderful Jesuit partner school.

Many Stonyhurst pupils and staff made these two weeks so memorable, but our chief vote of thanks must go to Mr Goodwin, Head of Languages, for his tireless work leading such a successful programme.

Dominika (Poetry) has kindly given us permission to reproduce here her speech, which she gave on the eve of their departure.

“These past two weeks have being an inexplicable blessing for me.  The amount of joy and energy and optimism these 16 people from another hemisphere would bring into this place is something I did not expect at all.  By their simple presence they made that time an amazing and unforgettable adventure, that let me gain completely new perspectives.  Just to give you a little taste of that intellectual feast, here are some of the things I learned:

In Uruguay there are more cows than people.
There three times more cell phones than people.
Approximately every second person you meet in Uruguay is from Montevideo.
It was the first country to legalize marijuana in the world (and Pilar says she was “very ashamed when [she] found out”).
Uruguay is not a desert: there is a lot of prairies, grass and farmland but as Carluccio pointed to me – people in Uruguay do not drive there by horse-drawn carts.
Uruguay hosted The first World Cup – which they won!
And currently has the longest carnival season in the world.

Last thing I learned is that there are no indigenous people in Uruguay, but instead, what I discovered, is that the people that live there have beautiful, open minds and good, loving, joyful souls, which they always share with others, including me for the past 14 days.  Thank you to my most wonderful buddy Vichu and to every other buddy I could make friends with.  Thank you for the lessons in which you accompanied us, for the private Spanish classes during each meal in the Ref, for the bowling we tried to play and the constant laughter during our supper in Blackburn.  Thank you, too, for you for the most beautiful Mass I have ever been to.

I cannot express how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to experience all of that. Even though I will probably miss you right after you leave, the memories we created and the moments we shared together will stay with me forever, reminding me always of that happy time.  It is hard to let such people go, but please remember: this is not a goodbye, it is just a “See you soon!”.