• John Bercow
  • John Bercow
    John Bercow is presented with a Stonyhurst plaque.
Events & Speakers | Posted 23.05.2016

‘Order! Order!’

On Thursday 19th May a group of Rhetoric (Year 13) Politics students attended a talk given by the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP. The talk – entitled ‘Order! Order! – was the latest in the Roscoe Lecture series, which takes place in the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

In his talk, Mr Bercow sped through a range of topics, including reform within the House of Commons, the role and significance of the Speaker, the stability of the Conservative Party following the upcoming referendum, and the discrimination he has faced as a small person (especially from newspapers such as the ‘Daily Fail’, as he called it). What became clear over the course of the 90-minute lecture was his passion for, and reverence towards, the role of the Commons Speaker. Moreover, one could not help but notice his admiration for Lord Alton, who introduced Mr Bercow, as he gave him the highest praise when he stepped up to the podium. I think I speak for the whole group of Rhetoricians when I say that the evening was both funny and enlightening, with the role of the Speaker thoroughly demystified.

William Lamb (Rhetoric)