Awards Assembly

At the end of each term, we are delighted to recognise the gifts and talents of some of our excellent pupils through the Awards Assembly. We were delighted that academic awards were given out in Computing and Maths, of special note are Luke, Phillipp and Sophie who did outstanding well in an international Maths Challenge. In Computing, 32 pupils were named for their exceptional performance. Of special note are Ho Yin and Orin who achieved the best in school results. The collective brags for academic studies were also noted. Campion is still at the top, but the other three lines are close behind. Academic Colours were awarded to Luke, Harrison, Ivam, Orin, Daisy, Annie and Grace. Bronze Duke of Edinburgh was awarded to Hannah, Lilia, Phoebe, Thomas, Magnis, Ivan, Daniel, Mik, Thomas, Quinn, George, Shazia, Sebastian, Vivien, James, Alfie, Eliza, Jemima, Peter, Elliot, Annie, Ella, Joshua and Abbie. Many pupils achieved music grades and it is fantastic to see this number continuing the grow. Music Colours are awarded to Sebastian and Abi. Drama Colours were awarded to Alfie and Emma. Hockey Half Colours were awarded to Eliza, Melissa, Annie, Sofia, Gabriella and Erin. Hockey Full Colours were awarded to Lily and Nancy. Netball Full Colours were awarded to Charlotte. Rugby Half Colours were awarded to Dan and Sebastian.