Careers Education | 22/06/2021

Unifest took place on Thursday June 17th. Poets attended a UCAS Personal Statement workshop delivered by a representative from the University of Manchester followed by an extended tutor session where they began constructing draft one of their statements and applying for the UCAS 2022 cycle. There was also an optional talk on Degree Apprenticeships over the course of the day.

On Friday 18th June the Poets who are considering an Oxbridge application met to discuss details of the process. We have a great group who are very aspirational and passionate about their subjects. On Friday 25th June LawSoc also held a debate to practise their practical skills and discussed a topical issue.

On Tuesday this week Figures took part in their first Careers Education workshop on Teams where they engaged in tasks designed to increase their awareness about the range of job opportunities available to them nowadays. They also learned about the difference between skills and qualities and identified their own employability skills and how useful these may be in their future career.

Please visit our careers webpage for more details about careers education across the College.