Chaplaincy Round-Up


A new cohort of Lower Grammarians began their Faith in Action Bronze Award, a nationally recognised award scheme run by CYMFed. Their work this term has focused on the College fundraising campaign for Mary's Meals.

Our Silver Award pupils in Grammar and Syntax worked on delivering our annual Red Wednesday event for persecuted Christians, preparing a fantastic PSHE assembly on this topic and prayer vigil for those affected. 

Our Gold Pupils delivered their final presentation, sharing what they have done over the past three years as part of this award, from event planning, to fundraising, to leading prayer, to going on pilgrimage and volunteering abroad. We hope to formally recognise their achievements next term, once their final reflective work has been approved. 

Our Confirmation programme began again for pupils in Grammar and above. The sessions this term focused on the Sycamore programme, which is a film-based course that invites pupils to reflect on the main teachings of the Church. The Confirmation Service will be on Saturday 27th April 2024 and the Sacrament will be conferred by Bishop John Arnold, the Bishop of our Diocese of Salford. Parents whose children are being Confirmed will receive full information on this at the start of next term. 

We've had a fantastic cohort of Altar Servers this year, with girls and boys from across the Playrooms taking on this core role in our community life. They have been learning all the different roles and those who served at Campion Mass absolutely excelled themselves in their reverence and skill. 

Our Arrupe programme has proved as popular as ever among Poetry pupils. This term they have had the opportunity to work on social action projects in College such as the sale of our charity Christmas cards, help SMH pupils with their reading, hold social events for retired members of the local community, and do wheelchair dancing at a school for pupils with a high level of additional needs. 

The Examen

The Examen is a key part of the school day at the College, with pupils pausing for 5 minutes halfway through the day to undertake this Jesuit reflective exercise. Pupils are invited to consider what they are most grateful for, where they think God is guiding them, any negative patterns they want to move away from, and to commit to moving forward positively in their day. This term, a number of Jesuits and lay people who work for the Order delivered a virtual Examen for the pupils. Here is an example led by Fr Joseph Simmons SJ:

Playroom Worship

These year-group prayer services take place once per term and are an opportunity for pupils to reflect on themes that are relevant to their Playroom. This term, One Hope Project gave musical input and testimony at the prayer services. Here is a recording of the same content that they delivered to us live in the College Chapel: 

Campion Day  


Campion Day went off in typical splendour this year!


The day began with a pupil-made film on the life of Campion, which you can watch here:


Pupils then went into Playroom workshops which all took the theme of "Go, set the world ablaze": the challenge extended by St Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits, to all of his followers. The pupil Committee, RISE Theatre, Girl got Faith and Mary's Meals and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal led these workshops.


We then went into our much-anticipated Campion Mass, with spectacular music, a haunting dramatic performance of Campion's Brag by our pupil, Noah, and the procession by our Heads of Line of the piece of rope that dragged Campion to his death. You can watch the Mass here: 


In the afternoon, the whole school headed out for a highly amusing whole-school colour run, to raise funds for Mary's Meals. Much fun was had by all in the glorious December sunshine. We are delighted to say that through pupil efforts throughout the term, we raised over £4,000 to to contribute towards free school meals for children at a school in Malawi, so that they get an education, instead of having to find work to feed themselves. 


More celebrations followed the run with the traditional Rhetoric Fair and inter-line Lip Sync Battle in the evening. 


It was a tremendous day of spiritual celebration and community spirit. Huge thanks to all the pupils who had a leadership role in the day and to the whole pupil body for making it such a joyous occasion.