Chaplaincy Round-Up - 22/03/2024

It has been another packed half-term for our Chaplaincy programme.

Our return to College was marked by our Ash Wednesday Service, written and delivered by our Faith in Action Bronze and Silver pupils, with our Rhetoric Eucharistic Ministers distributing ashes. The pupils explained the Catholic approach to Lent of taking more time to pray, giving something up and doing more for charity. In this spirit, the College joined with Catholic parishes across the country for CAFOD Fast Day on the Friday. We ate a simpler lunch of pasta and soup so that the money saved could be sent to help marginalised and vulnerable people around the world. You can watch the full Service here:


Liturgy continued to be a major focus as all year groups had their Playroom Worship, where pupils in Higher Line and Syntax planned and wrote a youth-focused prayer service that delved more deeply into how pupils could live out Lent in our school community by being the Jesuit ideal of a man or woman for others. 


Pupils had the opportunity to take part in Fr Tim's annual "Fess Up" event, where they attended a brief Reconciliation Service followed by the opportunity for Confession, or simply to have a conversation with a Priest. 


Chaplaincy's co-curricular life was similarly busy this half term.


Our Faith in Action Bronze pupils helped to prepare the prayer tokens that were given to all pupils at their Playroom Worship, whilst our Silver pupils started an anonymous prayer project and made hand stitched Easter cards for the community.


Our Environmental Society put on a fantastic event on the Lower Gallery for pupils to learn more about how their actions are having an impact on the environment. Themes such as fashion and food choices were explored, as well as quizzes on current major environmental crises. Fairtrade tuck was enjoyed by all! The Society then attended a meeting with other local schools and the Ribble Valley Mayor as part of an initiative by the Climate Action Network. Together, the pupils will help to plan a major environmental conference for schools across Lancashire this coming June. Watch this space for more news on this exciting project next term.


Our Arrupe pupils were involved in a great range of social justice and charitable offerings. Pupils from the second-hand uniform group recycled kilt material to make scrunchies, which were sold at SMH. Our social action group packed and sold tuck for sweeney Todd, as well as planning the brilliant whole school walk that took place in the final week of term. Our wheelchair dancing group continued to have a really joyful time with the pupils of Newfield school and the Coffee Stop pupils gave their usual service at the fortnightly social event for retired members of the Hurst Green community. 


Our Confirmation candidates completed their preparation programme, which ended with them choosing their Saint's name (their hero in heaven) and their Sponsor (their hero on earth.) We look forward to welcoming them fully into the Church with Bishop John Arnold, the Bishop of Salford, next term. 


Pupils in Higher Line had the opportunity to go a Youth 2000 Retreat at Leeds Trinity University on the theme of "Perseverance in Faith". Alongside young people from across the country, our pupils heard talks from major Catholic youth organisations such as NET Ministries and Mark 10 Mission. It was also great to bump into the Franciscan Friars who had spoken to Higher Line on Campion Day!


Parents also had the chance to go on a Lenten Retreat with our Chaplaincy team. They heard from Fr Tim on the journey towards Passiontide and from OS Fr Toby Lees OP who spoke on how to deepen your relationship with Christ this Easter. Parents were invited to pray before a Holy Thorn from Christ's Crown of Thorns before attending the whole school end of term Prayer Service.

The term ended with our traditional Liturgy of Shadows, Tenebrae. Pupils from across the Playroom delivered the Passion Narrative, with stunning and moving input from the choir. If you missed this Service, you can watch it here: