Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Practice Expedition

On Saturday 22nd May, 19 Poets travelled to the Lake District for their Duke of Edinburgh's Gold practice expedition, in preparation for their assessment expedition next month. 

Prior to departure, the pupils, under the supervision of Duke of Edinburgh's staff, had to plan the walking routes they would undertake during the expedition together with meal planning and logistics.  Once they arrived in the Lakes, not only would they be walking long distances they would be camping for four days and cooking all their meals on portable stoves, ‘ trangias’.

The pupils endured some very challenging weather conditions, from hail to rain and sun, often within the same hour but the morale and attitude from all of them was exemplary.  They worked diligently, showed excellent team spirit and I have no doubt that the skills  they refreshed and lessons learned will hold them in good stead for their assessment in June.

Many pupils commented on how good it was to be able to explore and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Lake District after a very challenging time. A heartening sentiment underlining the values of the Duke of Edinburgh's Scheme.

Well done to all and my sincere thanks to all the staff who gave of their time to facilitate this most valuable experience for the pupils.

Lt Col A Barber CO