Final MUN Debate

The final MUN Debate of this academic year was hosted virtually by the Royal Hospital School. On the first day of debating various real issues the United Nations are tackling at the moment were debated. On the second day, fun debates were held over an international fantasy crisis. The Stonyhurst pupils involved had a wonderful time and represented Stonyhurst very well. Frederik in Rhetoric represented Blofeld in the Spies committee and was given an award for Outstanding Delegate.

The MUN conference at Royal Hospital School had the unique idea of hosting a whole day of debates that use the normal UN nomenclature and procedures but apply it to fantasy topics set in fictional worlds such as Harry Potter, the Hunger Games and Spy movies. This proved to be a very enjoyable combination that offered a quick progression from sensible suggestions to solve fictitious issues to the delegates approving the construction of a space laser to control all of humanity.