Higher Line Centre

The Old Refectory has been a store for the Collections (see the image below) but will soon become the new Higher Line Centre. A space for Poets and Rhetoricians, boarders and day pupils, to socialise and study together. There is a lot of work to do but the results will provide a superb space for our Higher Line pupils. The rooms will offer a silent study space and seminar room,  offices for the Head of Careers Education and Careers and Universities advisor, and the coffee room remaining for refreshments and table games. 

Mr Allanson (Assistant Head Higher Line), who will have his office in the Higher Line Centre too, said...

"The space will offer a transition from school to university. Pupils will work together on their Studies and independent projects. They'll present their own research, listen to presentations from world-leading experts. They'll receive expert help on their next steps, beyond Stonyhurst, whether to university or into the world of work. Importantly, the space will include a place to relax, spend time with their friends and recharge their batteries. It's about enjoying their time together."