May Procession and Crowning

At the end of the St Mary's Hall Mass they had gathered for the May Procession and crowning of Mary. As is tradition, the youngest girl to be making the Sacrament of Holy Communion, had the important role of carrying Mary’s floral crown. This privilege fell to Maddison this year and she carried out her role reverently and with great care.

Our Spanish speaking children read a prayer in their own language as part of our prayer offering at the statue of Our Lady and they concluded by placing our flowers at the feet of Mary during the final hymn.

Thank you to parents that were able to attend and to all those who brought in flowers to honour Mary, Jesus’ mother and first disciple, who was always by His side.

After the May crowning members of the Chaplaincy Team have been working hard all day to distribute the flowers around all the statues of Our Lady in SMH. They have created some beautiful arrangements and have created additional crowns, reminding us of how special Mary our mother is. Particular thanks goes to Ezi and Juan for their hard work and artistic talents.

Pupils at St Mary's Hall gathering for the May Procession