Rhetoric IB pupils | Laudato Si project 

Laudato Si is a Papal Encyclical from Pope Francis, written in 2015. An Encyclical is a formal Papal letter, that carries the authority of the Church. They are usually addressed to Bishops, but Pope Francis addressed this particular letter to all people of Good Will. The letter explores the damage that human kind is doing to the environment and references leading world scientists and environmentalists.   

Laudato Si is motivated by a Christian commitment to love others as ourselves and protect the gifts given to us by God: our planet and all life on it, particularly human life. 

As our Rhetoric IB pupils finish their time at Stonyhurst, our teachers and pupils are coming together to engage with this important message and consider how their education can enable them to become ‘agents for change’ in the future. Pupils will be working on a variety of projects, including academic research, engagement with charities such as Jesuit Missions, as well as taking action in the College, its grounds and the local community. The results of their work are being recorded in a digital log of photos and written contributions and will be a fitting demonstration of their Jesuit formation during their time at Stonyhurst. 

To learn more about the Laudato Si project, watch this CAFOD video here.